Wild Oat (Avena sativa) – Grown wild in North America and can be found in New York State Finger Lakes region.

Restorative nerve and heart tonic.

Uses: Antispasmodic, stimulant. Supports the nervous system and assists with nervous depletion; worry, anxiety and depression; nervous insomnia. Used for their nutritional value and used to aid convalescence after debilitating disease and gastroenteritis and dyspepsia/indigestion. Additionally, Support withdrawal from tobacco and other drug addictions. Making a tea can be useful for chest problems.

Full bath: Good for rheumatic problems, liver ailments, gout and kidney problems.

Sitzbath/hip bath (sitting in water up to the hips): Good for bladder and abdominal problems, intestinal colic, bed wetting.

Foot bath: Great for tired or chronically cold feet.

Local Wash: Helps with skin diseases, flaky skin, frostbite, wounds and eye problems.

Boil small pieces of oat straw in purified water for one hour. Strain and add honey for taste.

Tincture: 10-20 drops, three times daily.

Bath: Boil 1 to 2lb. in 3 qt water for 30 minutes and add to bath water.

Herbs can be found at: Healing Spirits Herbs Farm, Avoca, NY, www.healingspiritsherbfarm.com

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