Our Story

Edenesque is a socially conscious artisanal food creator committed to the actualization of clean, whole, nutritious and delicious foods. Edenesque initially began to promote health and wellness by providing educational tools and services that assisted in combating nutrient deficient diseases in underserved communities that disproportionately face health disparities. That main concern is still the catalyst behind Edenesque and with that tenor Edenesque will use high-quality seasonal and local ingredients to create clean, nutrient dense and delicious food products.


The conscious vigor behind the business practice is to learn how to be of service and to emit products and services that benefit the consumer and community. Whether through manufacturing efforts, retail operations, or educational programs the values that propels Edenesque forward is based on sustainability, functionality, consistency, and transparency. Furthering the notion, Edenesque will operate mindfully to ensure the recognition and exploration of the ways in which Edenesque impacts its community.