Our Mission and Values


The compass that will be guiding Edenesque and its platform will be based on the following values and mission. Edenesque is a socially conscious artisanal food creator committed to the actualization of clean, whole, nutritious and delicious foods.


Transparency/Authenticity – using only whole, clean and simple foods while being honest and transparent about our production processes, procurement strategies and business initiatives.

Accessibility – To bringing clean, whole and nutritious foods to consumers and undeserved communities.

Functional Deliciousness – To using only those ingredients that support the human body to be well, while being delicious.

Community – To being supportive to our local farmers and artisanal food producers. To have a positive impact on our community by uplifting and bringing people together. To employ, educate and build within the community where we establish.



  • Meet the needs of our customers by providing high quality, hyperlocal food items and nonfood items, along with enriching wellness services, while delivering these products and services for a fair value.
  • Purchasing from likeminded vendors who are organically sustainable and those who made the commitment through their methods of production to the environment and community.
  • Extending itself in making efforts to help make communities well.
  • The promotion and education of complete wellness by providing services and products for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of its customers.
  • Contributing to the promotion and education of social justice and issues that are embedded within food and food production.
  • Being an active voice in the promotion and education of health and wellness.
The conscious vigor behind the business practice will be to become a destination that provides high quality functional food products and services that encircle and consider the complete person and the community. We aim to provide functional foods that are not only nutritious but, delicious.

Integrity of the products

Edenesque purchasing practices will include the following:
  • Purchasing food items within a 200 mile radius of the Hudson Valley.
  • Purchasing products that are grown, raised or processed according to organic, humane and sustainable methods. This includes composting, crop rotation, soil building, humanely raised animals without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones, access to pasture or are cage free and fed items that do not include grain sourced from GMO seeds.
  • Certified Organic or Certified Biodynamic.
  • Certified Fair Trade Products.
Edenesque General theories will be:
  • Nonirradiated products.
  • Products that are minimally packaged or in recyclable or returnable containers.
  • Products that do not use animals for testing.
  • Products that do not contain GMO's.
  • Whole or minimally processed foods.
  • Products that do not contain artificial colorings or flavorings, high fructose corn syrup, synthetic sweeteners or chemicals, nitrates or nitrites, hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils sulfites or trans fats.
  • No pesticides, irradiation and 100% organic.
  • No chlorine bleach, phosphates and environmentally safe nonfood household products.