Does Edenesque nut milks contain sugar, preservatives or additives?
No. Absolutely not. Transparency is what makes this product special. The ingredients are listed on the front of the bottle. Edenesque is committed to the actualization of clean, whole, nutritious and delicious foods. We produce foods that you can trust…ones that support your body not deplete it.
How do we get a bottle of your milk?
We deliver to anywhere in the New York area. The schedule is as follows:
  • Monday & Tuesday – NYC, Queens, Brooklyn
  • Wednesday Thursday – Bronx and Southern Westchester
  • Friday, Saturday Sunday – White Plains and North of 287 including Warwick/Florida areas.
  • ​Edenesque is in the process of looking for its permanent home. Stay tuned for details.​
How long does your nut milk last?
Because it is fresh, it last approximately four days at an ideal temperature of 38 degrees.
Can I freeze the nut milks?
Absolutely. Because they are in a glass bottle you should drink a little to allow room for the liquid to expand in order to avoid breakage and physically contaminating in your freezer.
Are your products good for diabetics?
Yes. In fact, my products were made with those folks who have health concerns. This is one of the reasons why I became a chef. All of our milks are sweetened with low glycemic sweeteners such as coconut nectar and maple. And, we our products are not syrupy sweet. One of the daily concerns of diabetics is keeping blood sugars in check and to ensure there are no spikes in your blood sugar levels. Our Unsweetened almond milk is just 40 calories per cup. Its satiating and rich in heart-healthy can also aid in weight loss.
What are the nutritional benefits to drinking nut milks?
There are so many. They are satiating, made with low glycemic sweeteners, rich in heart healthy fats and good for muscle recovery. Moreover, they are low calorie, full of vitamins and minerals, great for circulation, and builds energy. Great non-dairy alternative.
Does your milk froth?
Yes. Due to the handcrafting process the milks will generate foam without the curdle.
Do you customize juice cleanses or any beverages to meet my particular concerns or needs?
Yes. Edenesque products are handmade and made to order. If there is a flavor that is not listed..we can make it! That is what makes Edenesque unique. Although we do have our favorites, we customize every juice cleanses to personal preferences and health needs. Edenesque, takes an holistic approach when servicing individuals because that is what we are…and one remedy or one juice cleanse does not work for everyone. Because I studied Holistic Nutrition for many years, I understand how that we are all unique and special. At Edenesque, we want to focus on the individual’s uniqueness and tailor a package, and milk flavor that is right for you. Moreover, we change our juices seasonally because we source locally.
Where do you source your ingredients?
Mostly, local. Our maple syrup and honey is procured from local farms in the Hudson valley, as well as our produce. However, with the items that are not sourced locally…mainly the nuts, they are raw and organic. We are conscious about where our food comes from and equally conscious about how it was grown.
What is Edenesque’s mission?
Our mission is to provide clean, wholesome, nutritious and delicious foods. It’s painstaking to continue to shop in our local markets and the products on the shelves are filled with cane sugar, additives and preservatives….words we have difficulty pronouncing. Even those products that claim to healthy are filled with such items. There needs to be more clean foods available to the consumer and we should not have to be concerned with the next study that states the ingredients in our favorite foods have the potential to cause cancer. Our larger super markets are filled with thousands of items, yet, less than 10% of those items are transparent in their production practices or are what I consider to be clean foods. Even our produce is laced with pesticides. We have to be so careful and critical as consumers about what we eat. It will be nice to be able to grab a product off the shelf and not to worry about its contents or production practices.