My Challenges. My Inspiration.

My interest in holistic nutrition began when I was sick. Nothing major – just a common cold. I realized that over-the-counter medications not only made me feel funny, but weren’t helping me feel better. Remembering my mother’s vitamin and wild-herb bent, I began my own study of natural remedies to common illnesses. I noticed the effects soon after: my body would heal quicker and recover from illness faster. Even more important, by following this natural, holistic path, I discovered that I was actually preventing sickness in my body.

Living healthy, however, also means working toward optimal mental health. Throughout the years, I have learned that it’s easier to be self-destructive than self-instructive – especially when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. I used to come home each night feeling tired and stressed, and reach for a cigarette or glass of wine thinking they would help me relax, put me to sleep a bit quicker. Not true, not healthy. I struggled with low self-esteem: not feeling good enough, undeserving of happiness…and again I thought a glass of wine would numb those negative thoughts and feelings. Not the right move either. We feed ourselves too many lies and myths, which keep us stagnant and immobile on our journey in this life. We give in to, “I am not good enough,” “it’s too hard,” “I can’t,” and then, we begin to find an odd comfort in these self-created negative worlds.

These negative worlds combined with high-stress situations and conflict, however, can take a toll on the physical body. I became very sick with acid reflux, developed tumors, my libido waned, and I functioned without balance in my daily work and social interactions. I had no patience with others or myself; I struggled with sadness and depression. My actions and reactions were counter-productive to my job, my health and my life. When I realized what I was doing, I began putting a stop to the negative self-talk, and instead started to treat myself with the respect and kindness I deserve. I ate well. I exercised. I listened to my body.

This personal growth empowered me to reach out to others, to help them on their journey to live better and healthier lives. My chief concern being those communities affected by nutritional-deficient diseases. Diabetes, heart disease, asthma, ADHD, obesity, cancer – many of these illnesses can be prevented or treated with the right natural course of wellness and nutrition. My desire to understand why certain communities are plagued with these diseases, while others are not, led to further education and outreach. I wanted to help eradicate these diseases. I have studied food habits, fresh food availability, environment, and even the psychology behind the health of a given community. My ongoing mission now is to create and continue to build awareness of these issues, teach healthy eating habits, make fresh food accessible to all, offer my perspective on how food can affect you health, and share my overall holistic philosophy that good food is not only nourishing to your body, but to your mind and soul as well.

I have a zero tolerance policy for nutritional gimmicks. I do not subscribe to or offer fad diets or quick fixes. What I propose is simple: getting back to the basics of diet and nutrition, experiencing real and sustainable results. Nutrition should be approached without fear or a feeling of unknowing, and that’s where I come in. I will show you how easy healthy eating can be: remove processed foods, and those foods filled with antibiotics, hormones and pesticides, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, detox, add in some exercise and a spiritual connection — and the result? A happier, healthier, longer life.

I fully understand that this kind of journey to self-awareness, health and wellness is ongoing and never-ending. In fact, I don’t believe that we ever reach a final point, or that there is a final summit. On the contrary, there are many summits. And so it is of the utmost importance that we equip ourselves with the essential tools to climb the many mountains, and cross the many valleys, on these our personal journeys. We may falter along the way, but in the end it’s all about getting up, and getting back to the pursuit of our healthiest goals.

Together, you and I can take one step, one day at a time, towards treating our bodies and ourselves better, with the utmost respect and dignity. Love yourself and take care of yourself. You’ll live longer. You’ll live happier.

I’ve started my journey. Now I’ll walk with you on yours, every step of the way.